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Welcome to MyOL

This site demonstrates how you can use to host your online program.

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Customized Certificate

After completion, users can print their customized certificate documenting CEUs earned.

We Develop Modules from Your Spoken Words. is a site where a content expert can create and host uniquely designed online learning program. An online learning program is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that plays within a web browser and contains one or more content modules. Content modules are recorded using the Module Maker Tool. Once content modules are created, the expert hosts his/her online learning program on the site for others to access. Users can only access a program by registering for it. A subscription fee is paid by the user during the registration process, which allows the user a set period of time to access and complete the program.

Record it Yourself.

Module Maker Tool is an easy to use web application that allows content experts to record their own content modules. To create a module, the expert purchases a subscription to the Module Maker Tool. After uploading the PowerPoint or photos files, the tool allows the content expert to record his/her voice-overs to each slide.

Restricted Access:

Experts will host their online program on the site. Access to a program will be restricted to users who fill out a registration form. and the content expert agree on a registration fee. An easy to use control panel allow experts to track registered users and displays a list of registered users, an email tool to send bulk emails, and progress reports.

Uniquely Branded:

Your online program will be uniquely colored and include your organization's logo. It will display the name of your program along the top and include the name, photo and email address of your program's administrator. An online registration form with credit-card processing capabilities will be provided. Finally, your administrator will have access to the Program Tracking Control Panel Tool.

Per User Registration Fee:

A registration fee covers overhead costs, server maintenance, and user support. The registration fee can be charged directly to the user's credit card as he registers for the module or the cost per user can be passed on to the training administrator through an invoice, allowing 15 days to pay before incurring a late fee.

Everything is Customizable:

Every aspect of your online program is customizable. Customized work is billed at an hourly rate.